Dear friends.

After 30 episodes, I think I’ve learned a thing or two about doing this show. I went from never having done any form of hosting, radio or otherwise, to well, if not a good host, at least one who knows where he needs to improve (talk less, keep things moving along, keep on topic) and tries his best.

The other thing I learned is that editing 1:40 of recordings every week, added to the work of grabbing every link and organizing it into the post, standardizing the ID3 tags, maintaining Twitter accounts, etc… is quite demanding for someone who already works way too late every day.

I also have the feeling, from the lack of user response (so far we’ve had… 3 comments in the blog) that people are losing interest in the show. And my initial hunch is that it’s because we’ve lost focus. We started as a very purist design show, and now are closer to a show about all things web. That change itself is good; I’m not a pure designer, and neither is Ryan. We work and live on the Web and it’s hard to separate Design from Experience in that context. Besides, I never wanted this show to fall into the “news repeater” category; I’m not a journalist and there are plenty of GREAT journalistic sources out there. The Overlay Show is from Interaction pros to Interaction pros.

Either way. Since Ryan has been unavailable, the show pretty much became mine and I think since we’re missing half of the duo it was made for, it’s time to reshape things a bit. Starting next week, we’re gonna have hyper-focused, 20-minute shows. We will still have guests, but I think we’ll benefit from lasering up a little. It will make my job easier too, demand less of our guests’ time and allow us to get deeper in whatever subject we’re talking about.

It’s an experiment. A kitten for your thoughts.

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