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Episode 29 - Off The Grid

Episode 29 – Off The Grid

This week, Nando, Stephen Riley and Burton Rast talk about HTML5 and CSS3. We’ll explore some tools for designers, what’s relevant and what’s hype, flashiness vs. usability. Smartphones and tablets now shipping more than desktops and laptops (making html5/js/css3 more important than ever) Impact of said devices on builds, especially apps vs. mobile web apps,...
Episode 28 - Designing for Games

Episode 28 – Designing for Games

On today’s show, we try something new: a special episode dedicated to design in Game Development. Nando (@nandorocker) has Stephen Riley (@stephenriley) of DraftFCB and special guest Nick Slough, Lead Artist at Blizzard Entertainment. What can we learn from the Gaming industry? Process, corporate culture, techniques, production and just what it’s like to work with...
Episode 27 - Your Life In Facebook (plus: an unexpected duck)

Episode 27 – Your Life In Facebook (plus: an unexpected duck)

Stephen brings some favorite apps, we talk nerdy, iPhone gets a remote, living & shopping in Facebook, CSS5, everything is a pyramid scheme and why is there a cow in this site? Favorite Apps – SR : Nalden / Cool Hunting Order & Chaos L5 remote Stories Microsoft Buys Skype – NOW they’ll fix that...
Episode 26 - Save an Elephant, Go Tucows

Episode 26 – Save an Elephant, Go Tucows

The sleepy episode. Matt Stone is here! Why Nando is leaving Scumdaddy (and hates race cars), will Delicious stay delish? Is Pinboard better? what we think about the new Chrome icon, Robocop and forms. Stories Daily took a 10 million dollar loss generated 800k downloads Hurley & Chen buy Delicious, but I now love Pinboard Honorable...
Episode 25 - Let's Go Trolling

Episode 25 – Let’s Go Trolling

QUARTER OF A HUNDRED EPISODE ALERT! Nando wants to do your city some GOOD, ryan wants to sleep on your couch. We talk about Windows emu on iPads, designers are the new hackers, PortoAlegre.cc, the demise of the FWA, the proper YouTube Logo and when not to crush it. Stories Windows 3.1 on your iPhone?...
Episode 24 - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Episode 24 – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Today’s episode is all Irish. No, it’s actually more Brazilian than ever, as we welcome our friend Carlos Xavier (@carlosgustavo) via Skype all the way from São Paulo. We talk about why the fuck Apple is saving all your GPS data on your iPhone, and how we feel about it, making music & dj’ing on...
Episode 23 - iPads Improve Reality

Episode 23 – iPads Improve Reality

This week, first show via Skype. We talk about Chicago’s crime against food, RIP Flipcam, Jetsetter for iPad, We Graphics, 365 PSD and basically just jam. Chit-chat Why Are We on Skype? Nando is eventually leaving, can Anthony Bourdain convince him to stay? We’re using the wonderful Soundflower to capture Skype audio Stories The Death...
Episode 22 - YouTube Live Junkcast

Episode 22 – YouTube Live Junkcast

This week we have Matt Stone (unrelated) of Good Growth/FieldShield and we do the show TWICE!!! but only one time gets recorded. Was it the best one? We hope so. We talk about iPad apps for cats, DishBuster, Atari Jaguars, TRON software art, Youtube live junkcast. Chit-chat iPad apps for animals (cats) Stories: Dish Network...
Episode 21: Fugly is the new ugly

Episode 21: Fugly is the new ugly

Stories: The Best of April Fool’s Killer NatGeo multimedia expedition Amazon Player/Drive New Google Ads? Site of the Week Fugly Android Soundtrack: Gold Panda (GO BUY IT IT’S SO DAMN GOOD) Cover: Eder Minetto (under Creative Commons)
Episode 20 - The Missing One

Episode 20 – The Missing One

Stories RIP Zune NounProject – Does this help or ruin your inspiration? Where do you look for ideas for icons? I don’t hate Macs, but they do give me a syncing feeling How do we feel about iTunes? Has it evolved? What’s still not improved? Are there alternatives? “So I no longer hate Apple products....
Episode 18: Covert Dropkick

Episode 18: Covert Dropkick

Nando is joined by Stephen Riley and Abby Covert, and the three discuss iPad 2 covers, Microsoft hates IE6, GTD and list apps, Borders closing, Letterpresses, Where my friends be and more. Stories iPad iPad iPad iPad iPad. What else is even there!? IE6 Countdown – and the followup Dropkick task manager app: Finally something...